The 11 most important tips for Spring Cleaning your finances

The 11 most important tips for Spring Cleaning your finances

1. Tackle your debts first and foremost!

2. Check your credit report to make sure it’s accurate. You can get tri-merged credit reports (from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian) by going to for free once a year from all three agencies combined, or each agency separately if you prefer that. Not reviewing the credit report annually leaves you open to identity theft after somebody gets hold of your personal information through social media postings and other public records about you and misuses it without your knowledge, thus hurting your credit score which also affects the interest rates on any future loans, mortgages or car purchases so be sure to check them regularly!

3. Don’t miss out on any tax refunds that are due to you.

4. Don’t forget to deposit all cash tips into your bank accounts ASAP after work or gigs!

5. Save any car maintenance receipts in case of an insurance claim over any accident, including hitting a deer which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle even if it’s low impact since the airbag is deployed and needs replacing for starters!

6. If you didn’t set aside enough money for taxes during the year, then start setting it aside now because April 15th is only 4 months away!

7. If you’re planning on moving soon, get receipts from utility companies for all deposits paid along with proof that they released the deposits back to you when they terminated service so that you don’t get stuck with a big bill when you move out of your apartment or condominium.

8. If you’re going to be moving in the next few months, save all receipts for purchases of food and drinks at restaurants during that time since most restaurants don’t allow you to take home any leftovers on the premises for health code reasons (you can ask if they let regulars do it though like “friends” but even then it’s not 100% guaranteed).

9. Don’t forget about other important expenditures like magazine subscriptions, book club memberships, web hosting fees for websites or blogs you use as well as domain name registration fees (if paid annually) which are due because if you miss them then they might wind up expiring/lapsing and getting bought up by somebody else which results in you losing them forever.

10. Do your research on where to recycle old electronics, clothes, furniture, toys, games, etc. that are either broken or never used for proper disposal because things like that can’t just be thrown out with the garbage due to either laws or environmental concerns so it’s best to find out how they can be recycled properly so not only do they get reused but also don’t wind up polluting the planet!

11. If you’re going to be traveling anywhere during the year whether near or far domestically or internationally, don’t forget cash since most places these days no longer accept American Express traveler’s cheques even though they’re “trendier” than ever!

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