_5 Best Tips Of How To Save Money for a Wedding

5 Best Tips Of How To Save Money for a Wedding

These days getting married is more difficult than committing to someone. Why? Due to the wedding expenses. 

A little expense here and there- food, favors, drink, etc., can ruin the day. But how can you let the happiness of this big day ruin because of some penny? If you do proper planning to save money by keeping in mind the extra expenses of a wedding, you can save this day. Some people couldn’t manage money for a wedding, let alone manage extra spending. To help out those people, I have a solution of how to save money for a wedding. If you follow my tips on saving money, I hope there will be more money that you will need to cover your wedding expenses. 

How to Save Money for a Wedding

Saving a penny more can do wonders and allow you to spend on things you care about but couldn’t plan due to lack of money. Here I will tell you about some strategic ways to save money for a wedding. If you follow my advice, I assure you, you won’t have to take out a loan or go into debt to plan your wedding. Let’s know how to save money for a wedding.

Best Tips Of How To Save Money for a Wedding
  1. Perceive the Amount You Need to Save for a Wedding

Usually, a wedding costs appropriately $30,000. But it doesn’t mean you have to save this amount of money for your wedding. If you have any previous savings or emergency funds, you can note down that, now make a free conversation with your partner and know if she wants to contribute to the wedding or not. I don’t think she would deny contributing some money to her own wedding. Another thing you can do is to ask your parents. Suppose they had some savings for your wedding or would like to contribute a little amount. No matter how much money they want to contribute, you know a penny can help you a lot when you are in need. Now count the total amount you had for your wedding and compare that amount with the amount you will need for your wedding. There is a gap between the amounts, right? Now note down the missing amount and start saving to manage that amount before the wedding date. If your partner wants to save, create a joint account for the wedding and transfer the saving amount every month or whenever you have.

  1. Create a Realistic Budget

Now you have to know the amount you have to save for your wedding but how can you do that after managing all your expenses if you don’t have enough money? There is a way out that is the solution to every financial problem. What is it? A realistic budget. Plan a flexible budget that will help you to save money for a wedding. Make a list of all your expenses like home rent, groceries, snacks, cable bill, restaurants bill, movie outing, friends outing/dinner, etc. Now make another list of your earnings like salary, the interest of investments, the paycheck of extra working hours, part-time job salary, or if you have any other source of earning. Now find out how much money you left after paying all the bills of a month. If there is an amount you can save by cutting down some more expenses, you should try and save a little more. 

  1. Trim Back Expenses

How can you save some money after you have a budget? 

Yes, there is a budget, cutting but the budget includes all your expenses including the necessary and unnecessary. So there is an option to trim back some expenses. Divide the spending into a meal, outings two-part, one part must expense like rent, food, electricity, internet bill, etc. and other is unnecessary expenses like cable bill, visiting students, outing with a friend, movie night, etc. 

Lower the number of visits to the restaurants and spend more time with each other at some parks or do some activity like exercise, gossiping with a mug of coffee, etc. Cut down cable and start watching Netflix or spend the extra time earning some more money, getting a part-time job, or spending time on self-growth. Stop making outings or dinner plans with friends, call them at home, prepare snacks or meals,l and enjoy each other’s company. Just do these and count how much you have saved up after the month ended. I know the amount won’t be much, but it can help you a lot. You know money grows when you add pennies one after another. So penny matters, right?

  1. Set the Wedding Priorities Together

After trimming back expenses, it’s time to save money for the wedding. Just because you have saved money, don’t dare to buy clothes or think about a tour. Some couples save money, and when they see they are saving lots of money that will cover their wedding and still some will be left, they start spending them on planning tours or plan to spend them on unnecessary things. Spending more on wedding cards, invitations with lots of gifts, too much on wedding decorations, and buying an expensive wedding dress can cause a problem for you. First, keep more than needed money for the must-have things like food, travel, living cost, etc., then plan other things and save money by not wasting unnecessary things.

  1. Right Investment

Investment is an excellent way to save money for your wedding. This way, the money will be safe, and you will also earn some interest. If you open a wedding account and put money every month, you will get a good amount of interest at the end of the account or fulfill the budget you need. Saving money like this will help you keep track of the amount you are saving, and if you couldn’t fulfill your target, you can still manage with the interest you will get with the investment. 

How To Save Money for a Wedding


So are you still worried about how to save money for a wedding? Didn’t you get ways to save money for the wedding? We have told you the secret ways to save money and manage your wedding cost when you struggle to live your regular life. If you follow the ways of saving money, you will hear the wedding bell ringing when you have planned or wished to get married.

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