5 Best Financial Advisors in Texas

5 Best Financial Advisors in Texas

Don’t have much knowledge about financial planning? You can take help from the best financial advisors in Texas. An advisor will help you to pick the perfect financial planning that is appropriate for you. He won’t just make a plan for you.

An advisor will know about your financial status, analyze your situation, and plan what will be best for you. Where to find a good advisor in texas? There are many advisors available in texas, so finding the best among them won’t be simple work. But I am here to help you. I will help you find the best financial advisor in Texas.

Best Financial Advisors in Texas

I have done hours of research and found out some of the best financial advisors in Texas who are registered advisors. Check out the list below; I have also added their contact information, so you can contact them by using that information.

  1. Retirement Planners of America
Best Financial Advisors in Texas - Retirement Planners of America

This firm is the number one financial advisor firm in texas. It’s a fee-based financial advisory firm, so you have to pay them to get financial advice from them. Apart from the advising fee, the firm may also earn some commission by selling insurance or securities. But don’t think they will advise you just to sell insurance and earn a commission. They are honest with their clients and help them in finding the best financial plan. That’s why they are the number one advisor firm in texas. 

This advisory firm has 13 well-qualified CFPs ( Certified Financial Planner), two CPAs (Certified Public Accountants, two CRPCs ( Chartered Retirement planning Counselors, two RICPs ( Retirement Income Certified Professionals). This firm was founded in 2011, and its name was then Money Matters With Ken Moraif, but it changed its present name in 2019. It was founded by the principal Kenneth Moraif, Charles Dyer Jr., Douglas Bartol, and Elias Dragon. All of the founder team members were senior financial advisors.

They offer financial planning services, investment management, family legacy planning, retirement advice, mediocre long-term advice, education planning, and income tax planning. They will design a portfolio for you based on your financial situation and will set different investment preferences. 

Office Location

2820 Dallas Parkway

Suite 300

Plano, TX 75093

  1. Tolleson Private Wealth Management
Best Financial Advisors in Texas - Tolleson Private Wealth Management

Tolleson private wealth management is another top firm that is situated in Dallas. They have a well-qualified team of three CFPs (Certified Financial Planners), four CPAs ( Certified Public Accountants, two CPWAs ( Certified Private Wealth Advisors, four CFAs (Chartered Financial Analysts, one PFS ( Personal Financial Specialist, one CIMA ( Certified Investment Management Analyst).

Apart from fees, this firm also makes income from banks, pooled investment vehicles, and charities. This firm won’t work with a client who has less than a $10 million investment. 

Executive chairman John C. Tolleson founded this firm in 2000. He decided to start this business after retiring from his multi-billion dollar public corporation (retail banking and financial services company). John builds this firm with his 50 years of experience in finance.

Office Location

5500 Preston Road

Suite 250

Dallas, TX 75205

  1. Level Four Advisory Services
Best Financial Advisors in Texas - Level Four Advisory Services

Level four advisory service is another advisory firm in Dallas. This firm works for clients whose investment range will be between $5000-$250000. It’s a fee-based advisory firm that works for high-net-worth individuals also. Apart from the client fee, this firm also earns commission from the insurance company and representative as a broker or dealer and earns a commission.

There are CFP ( Certified Financial Planners), CLU ( Chartered Life Underwriters), ChFC ( Chartered Financial Consultants, CRPC ( Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, CPA ( Certified Public Accountants), AIF(Accredited Investment Fiduciaries. 

The founder Carr, LLC, Riggs & Ingram, and CPA firm, owns this level four Advisory Service. It’s a financial service provider company that was founded in 20005 by these four advisors. 

This advisory firm has five prebuilt different portfolio strategies to suit every type of client. The five portfolio strategies are growth, aggressive growth, growth with income, income with capital preservation, and moderate growth. The financial advisor will analyze your situation, measure the risk tolerance, and choose a financial plan. You may invest in mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds, bonds, etc. these are the options from which you will be choosing one investing option.

Office Location

12400 Coit Road

Suite 700

Dallas, TX 75251

  1. RGT Wealth Advisors
Best Financial Advisors in Texas - RGT Wealth Advisors

RGT Wealth Advisors is the next top financial advisor on our list. This advisors firm has made a position among ten financial advisors in SmartAsset’s listed firm of Dallas. This firm has many advisors, all of them are well certified. Some are CFPs ( Certified Financial Planners, CPAs ( Certified Public Accountants, CDFAs (Certified Divorce Financial Analysts), CFAs ( Chartered Financial Analysts. If you want to be this firm client, you should have a minimum of $3Billion to invest. It handles only high net worth clients. 

This firm is owned by CI US Holdings, Inc. they founded the wealth Advisors in 1985. This firm provides services like Estate Planning, Investment Management, Wealth Transfer, Education, Goal-Oriented Planning, Personal Budgeting, Life and Disability Insurance Consulting, Cashflow Planning, Business Succession Planning, Business investment Planning, etc.

Office Location

5950 Sherry Lane

Suite 600

Dallas, TX 75225

  1. Southern Wealth Management
Best Financial Advisors in Texas - Southern Wealth Management

It’s another top Wealth management firm located in Dallas. It’s a multi-family firm with few offices in Dallas, San Antonio, Midland, and New Orleans. This firm is also a fee-based firm, and it works only with high net worth individuals, businesses, or charities. The minimum investment amount should be $ 1 million to get a consultation from this firm. 

This firm has lots of CFPs  (Certified Financial Planners), CPAs ( Certified Public Accountants, CIMAs ( Certified Investment Management Analysts, and Accredited Professionals. This firm will earn some commission from insurance companies, securities, or other financial products. But it doesn’t mean it will push you up towards a plan that isn’t suitable for you. They are honest with their clients.

This firm was founded in 2005. All the advisors combine their skills and resources to provide you the best services. It offers services like Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Investment Consulting, and other financial advisory work. 

The advisors of this firm will determine some factors like your risk tolerance ability, investment objectives, investment restrictions, and time horizon; then, they will give you a flexible financial strategy that will be perfect for you.

Office Location

5005 LBJ Freeway

Suite 1313

Dallas, TX 75244


We have listed down all the best financial advisors in texas for you. You can choose any of them according to your taste. Some firms work only with high net worth individuals or businesses and some work with $5000 investing financial planning also. So choose the one that can meet your needs and give you the best services.

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