5 Best Financial Advisors in Florida

5 Best Financial Advisors in Florida

Florida is a large state. Finding the best financial advisors in Florida won’t be so easy. So many financial advisors are there in Florida. Finding the best one is a little complicated. To help you, I have narrowed down them and made a list of top financial advisors in Florida. I have shared their structure, the services they provide, the minimum investment you will need to be their clients, and their contact info. So you can read below and learn more about each financial advisor in Florida and choose the best one among them. 

List of Five Best Financial Advisors in Florida

  1. WE Family Offices
Best Financial Advisors in Florida - WE Family Offices

WE Family Offices is the pick of our list of best Financial Advisor Florida. This firm is a Miami-based firm that cooperates with only high-net-worth individuals or businesses. This firm charge is high; it charges a minimum annual fee of $1,50,000. I hope you have understood that this firm serves only ultra-high net worth and high net worth individuals or businesses. This firm has various talents who are certified with CFP ( Certified Financial Planner)< CPA ( Certified Public Accountant), CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst, CAIA ( Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), and some registered advisors. This firm charges a fee based on performance when the portfolio outstrips projections. 

WE Family Office Holdings, LLC is the holding company that owns this firm. This firm was founded in 2000 by managing partners Maria Elena Lagomasino, Santiago Ulloa, and Michael Zeuner. They were working in the financial service industry for more than decades, and then they decided to open this firm.

This firm offers Financial Planning and Financial Management services; it also encompasses succession planning, Service Provider Selection, investment manager selection, fee negotiation, asset, investment portfolio reporting, investment transaction verification, etc. This firm doesn’t provide any service on legal, accounting, or tax advice.

Office Location

701 Brickell Ave

Suite 2100

Miami, FL 33131

  1. CV Advisors
Best Financial Advisors in Florida - CV Advisors

CV advisors is a fee-only-based firm. It works with only high net worth individuals or businesses. It serves institutional clients, including, profit-sharing plans, pension, pooled investment vehicles, and charitable organizations. This firm cooperates with a client who has a minimum of $50million to invest. CV advisory team in Florida includes several talents with financial certification, CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CPA ( Certified Public Accountant, CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst, and AIFA ( Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst. This firm offers services in Seattle, Portland, Scottsdale, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Denver. Usually, this firm’s fees will be a percentage of your total assets that are under management. But if you want financial consulting or planning, that will be charged on an hourly basis. 

This firm was founded in 2009 and has gained a name in just a few years. . Elliot Dornbusch, Matthew J.Storm, and Alexandre Mann came into partnership and established this firm. This firm’s services include Analysis, Performance Reporting, Wealth Management, Instrument, Security Selection, Portfolio Monitoring, etc. They offer these services on both a non-discretionary and discretionary basis.

They use technical, fundamental, and cyclical analyses to find the best security to invest in. Then this firm creates a portfolio on both short time and long time financial planning like Securities, Fixed income, ETFs ( Exchange Traded Funds), Private Equity Funds, Certificates of Deposit, Hedge Funds, Mutual funds, etc.

This firm investment philosophy emphasizes liquidity, investment cost efficiency, and risk management. 

Office Location

19495 Biscayne Boulevard

Suite 808

Aventura, FL 33180 

  1. Certified Advisory Corp
Best Financial Advisors in Florida - Certified Advisory Corp

Certified Advisory Corp cooperates with individuals or businesses with high net worth investors. They work on pension or profit-sharing plans, state and municipal government, charitable organizations, and corporations. It’s a fee-based advisory firm that also earns commissions on selling insurance and other investment projects. But its fiduciary duty has bound this firm to work in the best interest of the clients.

This firm doesn’t work with clients who have less than $5,00,000 investment. This firm will also charge fees to manage your assets, and the percentage of charge will be up to 1.5%. 

The principal owner Joseph F.Bert founded this advisory firm in 1991. This firm has various talents who are certified with many certifications like 12 CFPs ( Certified Financial Planners), 12 AIFs (Accredited Investment Fiduciaries), 2 CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), and 1 NSSA ( National Social Security Advisor).

Certified Advisory Corp firm offers services includes, Income Tax Plans, Cash Flow and Investment Plans, Financial Cash Flow Plans, Retirement Distribution Analysis, Education Funding Plans, Pension Maximization Analysis, Legacy Planning, Risk Management Plans, Business Analysis, Capital Needs Analysis and Asset Allocation Plans. The advisors of this firm will work to identify the best investment goals for you, along with the risk tolerance. They will customize a great portfolio that will complement your financial needs profitably.

Office Location

1111 Douglas Ave

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714   

  1. Resource Consulting Group
Best Financial Advisors in Florida - Resource Consulting Group

Resource Consulting Group is another advisory firm in Florida. This firm is a fee-only-based advisory firm. It serves both not high net worth and high net worth individuals. It also handles institutional clients like pension and profit-sharing plans, employees, charitable organizations. This firm serves clients who have a minimum of $1 million investment. It also serves if you are below the requirements. To enjoy this firm advisory facility, you have to pay a minimum $9,000 annual advisory fee.

Michael H.Davis is the CEO and the founder of this advisory firm. This independent firm was established in 1988. The founder was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). This firm rank top in the Financial Times in the nation in 2017. When you knock and build a relationship with this Resource Consulting Group, it starts to explore your financial situation. Both you and this firm get connected and make a financial plan that meets your goal. 

Office Location

301 East Pine Street

Suite 600

Orlando, FL 32801

  1. Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC.
Best Financial Advisors in Florida - Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC

Spearhead Capital Advisors, LLC serves both non-net- worth individuals and high-net-worth individuals. This firm will cooperate with you only then when you have $5,00,000 for minimum investments. They are also associated with insurance companies and pooled investment vehicles. It’s a fee-based firm and earns commission by selling insurance and other investment projects. Its ethics bind this firm to make the best investment plan that brings the best interest of their clients. 

Spearhead Capital Advisors was founded in 2011 as a limited liability company. Spearhead Strategic Partners, LLC was the direct owner of this advisory firm. The owners of this firm are- 30% owner is New Vernon Financial, LLC, 30% owner is Abstrum Partners, LLC, 30% partner is Fieldstone II, LLC, and 10% owner is SAT< Holdings, LLC.

Office Location

12012 South Shore Blvd

Suite #112

Wellington, FL 33414 


So did you find your best financial advisors in Florida? Did my list help you or not?

I have tried to present the top financial advisors before you, so no matter which one you choose, that will be best. To save time, I have added the contact address. If you want, you can click on the name and reach their official website. 

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