4 Best Financial Advisors in Seattle

4 Best Financial Advisors in Seattle

Searching for the best financial advisors in Seattle? It’s a little hard to find the best one among so many advisors in Seattle. To help you a little, I have researched on behalf of you and listed the top four financial advisors in Seattle. All of the advisor firms I have listed down all the most prominent firms in Seattle.

I have tried to provide all the necessary information you will need to know about the firm and have given you an idea about how much investment you will need to get the financial advice of those firms. So scroll down and read on.

List of Four Best Financial Advisors in Seattle

  1. Freestone Capital Management
Best Financial Advisors in Seattle - Freestone Capital Management

Freestone capital management firm is another top fee-based firm. It serves most of the high net worth individuals and families. It also cooperates with pooled investment vehicles, profit-sharing plans, pensions, businesses, and charitable organizations. The headquarter of this firm is in Seattle, but it has secondary branches in Portland, SanFrancisco, Santa Barbara, and Sunnyvale. 

Freestone capital management firms have various talents like CFP ( Certified Financial Planner), CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst), CIMA ( Certified Investment Management Analyst, CPA ( Certified Public Accountants), CAIA ( Chartered Alternative Investment Advisor, and AWMA ( Accredited Wealth Management Advisor). This firm doesn’t work with new clients if their investment amount is under $1 million.

If you want to invest in discretionary investment, then the fee will be a percentage of the assets under management. The annual fee of this firm is a minimum of $6000. Apart from this, the firm can earn some commission from the insurance company based on sales. 

The Principal owner of this firm is Freestone Capital Holdings, LLC. This firm was founded by the CIO (Cheif investment Officer) Gary Furukawa and Della, his wife.

This firm offers Discretionary and nondiscretionary investment advising, private funds, retirement plan, financial planning, insurance, corporate benefits, and college planning.

Office Location

701 5th Avenue

74th Floor

Seattle, WA 98104

  1. Empirical Wealth Management
Best Financial Advisors in Seattle - Empirical Wealth Management

Empirical wealth management’s most of the clients are individuals. They also have institutional clients like businesses, charitable organizations, pooled investment vehicles, government entities, pension, profit-sharing plans, etc. This firm collaborates with clients whose minimum investment is $1million. 

This firm offers flexible investment management services through a set of two fee arrangements. One is a wrap fee program, and another is a traditional advisory fee. You can bunch together all transactional and beyond fees and make a single flat rate with the advisory fees. Or you can separate the transactional fees and advisory fees and pay the advisor when it is needed. 

This firm service includes Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, and so on. Apart from your fees this firm can earn some more from insurance company commission. But don’t think they will deceive you to earn a commission. They are bound with ethics to ensure clients get the best investment. 

Kenneth Smith founded this Empirical Wealth Management Advisory firm in 2009. Smith was the firm’s principal owner and CEO. Apart from smith Ethan Broga, Shan Zubair, James Jones, Simon Lio were the minority owners. Ethan Broga was the financial planning director. Shan Zubair was the lead financial advisor, James Jones was the Director of Tax and Wealth Transfer, Simon Lio was the Chief Marketing Technology Officer. This firm has seven more branches in Bellevue, Anchorage, Spokane, Irvine, Portland, Los Gatos, and San Francisco.

Now his firm has lots of talents with a various number of certifications, CFP ( Certified Financial Planner), CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst), CAIA ( Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CMA ( Certified Management Accountant), CMFC ( Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor), CLU ( Chartered Life underwriter), CDFA ( Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).

Usually, this firm works on investing long-term horizon but on occasion; they also include some short time investment in your portfolio to meet a specific goal.

Office Location

1420 5th Avenue

Suite 3150

Seattle, WA 98101

  1. Moss Adams Wealth Advisors
Best Financial Advisors in Seattle - Moss Adams Wealth Advisors

It’s a subsidiary of Moss Adams LLP, one of the nation’s largest accounting and consulting firms. It’s a fee-based firm that works freely without any fixed amount of minimum investment. Moss Adams Securities & Insurance LLC is affiliated with an insurance agency, so whenever its clients buy insurance through them, they get some commissions. Some of the insurance teams are representative of some other financial institutions. This firm gets a direct commission from the clients or any other institutes, not any advisor. This firm is bound with its ethics to act in clients’ favor that ensures the best investment.

Moss Adams Financial Services, the national public accounting and consulting firm, is the whole owner of Moss Adam Wealth Advisors. It was founded in 1988. There are various types of extensive staff; they have no shortage of offered services. Their service includes Investment Management, Investment Consulting, Personal Financial Planning, Fixed Income Management, Insurance Management, Insurance Consulting, etc. It offers some more family office services like tax planning, tax preparation, stock option planning, estate Planning Investment management, Personal Finance Planning, Insurance Management, insurance consulting, Bill Paying, Bookkeeping, Cash Flow Budgeting, Liquidity Management, Reporting and communication, Heir Preparation, Family Vision, Governance. 

Office Location

999 Third Avenue 

Suite 2800

Seattle, WA 98104

  1. Pacific Portfolio Consulting
Best Financial Advisors in Seattle - Pacific Portfolio Consulting

Pacific portfolio consulting is also a fee-only-based advisor firm. And most of the customers are high net, worth individuals. They also cooperate with non-high net worth individuals. Their clients are pension or profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations, businesses, and so on. You can go to Pacific Portfolio Consulting for financial planning if you have a minimum of $5,00,000. They earn a percentage of your assets that are under management. If you want you can take hourly basis service also. 

This firm has talents with certification like CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst), CPC ( certified pension Consultant), ChFC ( Chartered Financial Counselor, CAIA ( Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst), CPFA ( Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor, and CFP ( Certified Financial Planner). 

This firm was founded in 1992 by its founder Lawrence Hood, the President and CEO of Pacific Portfolio Consulting. They offer services that include Wealth Management Advisory, Investment Planning, Financial Planning, Discretionary Investment Management. 

All the staff of Pacific Portfolio Consulting does the necessary research that is required to manage client investment. Usually, this firm uses modern portfolio theory; they make an investing strategy that ensures the possible return from the investment.

Office Location

701 5th Avenue

Suite 6850

Seattle, WA 98104


Did you get your desired advisors among the best financial advisors in Seattle? I have listed them down after doing enough research; all of the firms are good and have experience in this industry. Some of them are high net worth individuals, and some cooperate with non-high net worth individuals. I hope you have found your desired firm that meets your needs.

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